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Main Dining Area
Lounge Area & Bar

The Main Dining area surrounds itself around the 160' long buffet with all its delicious food, including hibachi, hot foods, seafood, salad bar and dessert bar!

The Conference Room is located in the back of Yellow Tail where it is away from noises. This room has a big conference table with nine comfortable seats where meetings or small parties can be held. (Room fee charged seperately, please ask for more details)


Party Room 1 & 2 can be combined as a Big Party room that can fit 100 people or it can be split into Party room 1 & 2. Spacious room where you can hold birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, corporate parties, holiday parties etc. There is no room charge if there are more than 20 adults dining. (Please ask for more details)   

Conference Room
Party Room 1 & 2

Dining at Yellow Tail

The Lounge Area & Bar is where customers can sit to watch basketball or football games or when the Olympics are on. It is also a place where customers can sit next to our two large fish tanks and enjoy the little marine life. 

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